I am Roger Boyd.

I’m trying to make a contribution to the international campaign to normalise cannabis use, this is part of that. I’m currently working full time, working towards my next adventure. I use a pseudonym and don’t video my face because I have a job and am worried about the implications. However I do want this to be my life and if it was then of course I’d use my real name and put my face on here.

My plan is simple: to at some point start to receive an income from the blog so I can support myself whilst I’m on healthy stoner adventures so I can sustainably continue spreading the good news about cannabis like some kind of bike riding stoner Evangelist on a Mission to challenge outdated ideas about cannabis and to help convert people from smoking to vaping. Believe it or not I am trying to be an anti-smoking campaigner because I know how much of a difference quitting smoking made to my health.

I want people to face up to what I believe to be the truth, that it is possible and indeed likely to be a healthy stoner, a professional stoner, a successful stoner. All the stoners I know are healthy, happy and have their sh1t together. Cannabis is immeasurably less harmful than the DRUG we refuse to call a DRUG, alcohol. If we start by accepting that our alcohol addiction and tobacco habit do more harm than all the other substances combined, legal or not, we might start to move forward.

Roger Boyd

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  1. Watching every video, Safe Travels dude! Hope you are also having alot of fun!

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