The Perception of a Stoner

The word ‘stoner’ is not one that carries much positivity.  It seems to invoke images of a lone male, perhaps a little overweight, sat at home in a dark room playing video games through a thick haze of smoke whilst eating cheesy puffs, wheezing and smoking away on a spliff or a bong.

This may be the classic stoner stereotype but it’s not one I agree with or conform to. It is out of date and not in line with my experience or that of my friends who enjoy cannabis. I did used to smoke, up until 2012, but I also exercised and ate relatively healthily. I enjoy alcohol now and again but I respect it and I’d argue that smoking cannabis is itself less harmful than drinking alcohol.

When you introduce the delivery method of vaporisation into the equation you can get as high as you like without damaging your lungs anywhere near as much or drinking down the pints of tar that anyone who smokes is unfortunately forced to consume. And you get MORE BAKED!! This realisation is the original reason why I started I wanted to evangelise, I was healed!

It is my mission to change people’s perception of what a stoner is. I am a fit, healthy and very active stoner and the content I’ll be posting on this site will aim to challenge those old, tired ‘stoner’ stereotypes.

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