Give the gift of Vape-Poo this Christmas

One of the amazing things about a vaporiser is that the vaporised plant material left over after a cloud has value – either to eat, or dare I say it to smoke. Now, I am committed to my healthy stoner lifestyle but I have friends who I’m yet to convert and to them, a gift of a big bag of vape-poo is really welcome, either for a back-up in case of supply issues or just as a boost to supplies. A good friend and my companion in the Snowdon cycle video likens it to straight cigarette tobacco and I’d add that process is comparable with toasting the plant. He reports that when smoked (pure with a filter) it offers a lower end but entirely satisfying high.  An SMS from him:

It’s so easy with Vape Poo- you just sprinkle and go!’ I’m gonna start my own website called extolling the virtues of having a mate who vapes bare green. Maybe.

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