Porridge, Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. And Pizza.

I love food and so does the ‘erb, just like it loves anything else I love. If you understand what I mean by that. I’ve started the majority of the mornings of my life with a bowl of porridge because quite simply nothing else makes me feel as satisfied, deep in my gut. Also, food isn’t even considered until early afternoon, the sweet gruel keeps my mind off eating like nothing else.

There’s something about consuming fruit straight after exercise. I see it as more of a drink than a food, it’s a special kind of mid-exercise quench. A fresh orange and apple just seems instinctively so much better for you than processed juice in a box. Again, it’s the feeling in the gut that tells me so. Do you ever think how amazing fruit skin is? A waxy apple skin? So thin, wrapped around that concentrated sugary sweet water. They’re amazing! And don’t even get me started on oranges. Yes, I’m high right now.

Nuts and seeds were always around growing up as a kid but apart from a Christmas session on the brazils I rarely ate them. I’ve found that I’ve got better at knowing what my body wants and for the last ten years I’ve eaten them regularly, again purely for the way they make me feel. I’m sure weed helps you tune in to what nutrition your body really wants.

Having said all of that, sometimes I just pig out. And it’s amazing. I think if you’ve been exercising lots then your body needs the extra calories. If you’ve been sweating a lot then you need the extra salt. So as long as you keep on movin’…

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